Hard-Fought Battles for JusticeDate: 9/28/2022

The battles fought in the past for racial equality were hard, uphill marches through the malevolent mud. It was worth it, because of how much progress has been made. With each step, the mud fights back a little less and helps a little more. In 1958, forty-four percent of Whites claimed that they would move if a black person entered their neighborhood, highly contrasting to the current one percent of today (Thernstrom). It is evident that there has been significant progress, but that shouldn’t make us compliant, and we shouldn’t let our guard down. With every step forward, the supremacists, those who believe there is an inherent hierarchy in society based on race, become more and more cornered, and a cornered animal is one who fights with their all, or else they might not survive to live another day. This has taken effect in the form of progress stalling. People believe that things have changed enough and that no more is required, and so the poverty rate has remained unchanged for years. There is a clear trendline, where people see full equality in less than a century, but because of that, everyone puts down their sign, thinking that everyone else can keep fighting while they take a break. Thus, the place we can turn to is industry. Historically, most famous and well-respected figures had deep pockets, forcing people to be nice in order to get some money. There are those select few, though, who truly believe that this rich person is a role model. If many black people become rich and famous, this will naturally help the gap make progress to closing over time, even if the activist banners go down. The final goal is for any person's color, sex, or nationality not to trigger any negative bias in people, and for people to become colorblind in the right way.

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