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Best New Instruments for Beginners

Date: 7/20/2022

Guitar - Studies show that playing the guitar results in improved memory power now and over time. This is because memorizing chords and patterns act as good workouts for your brain. Some other common benefits include increases in concentration, hand-eye coordination, and confidence. If you are a casual musician like most beginners, playing a few strings in your free time is also known to reduce stress and anxiety levels. There are plenty of free videos online with basic melodies for anyone to try out. If you are a more serious musician, then there are plenty of private and group instructors throughout most cities and suburbs across the world. Therefore, it is a great choice for anyone looking to experiment with possible a new passion and hobby.

Violin - This instrument is beginner-friendly and ideal for children starting at five years and above. Violins come in a variety of sizes to suit the learner's every need. If you’re just starting, non-electric violins will be the best pick for you. With determination and a few lessons, the violin is fun to learn and easy to pick up. Similar to the guitar, a violin can improve one's memory, attention span, sensory development, and social skills. For teenagers, playing the violin provides a balance of time spent inside and outside the classroom, something that colleges look favorably upon. For adults, a couple of benefits of playing this instrument include reduced stress levels and improved postures. In summary, the violin is a great try for almost all ages while providing many benefits as well.

Recorder - First and foremost, this instrument is one of the easiest woodwinds to learn. It's very portable and easy to navigate with just a simple fingering chart. Once the device is mastered, one can challenge themselves with the clarinet or flute, both fundamentally similar instruments. Furthermore, it helps develop strong lugs, breath control, listening skills, and hand-eye coordination. More technically, the recorder engages both sides of the brain, whether that comes from reading the music or focusing on closing the respective hole. Once a child overcomes the basics, their self-esteem and confidence will flourish as well. Lastly, because the instrument is usually played in a group, it can result in an increase in collaboration and teamwork skills, both valuable abilities to possess in today's day and age. Overall, I would recommend any of these above instruments to most if not all ages.

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