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Top 3 Cameras for Beginners

Date: 5/1/2022

1.) Canon Powershot G7 x Mark III - This camera takes the number one slot because of its practicality stemming from its compact size. Not only is this point-and-shoot camera aimed at vloggers, but it is also suitable for traveling endeavors. Despite its small size, an abundance of small handgrips and intuitive controls makes it feel comfortable on the go. Like other Canon products, it has an incredibly easy-to-use menu system. Its digital touchscreen can tilt to help you shoot from different angles or take selfies. Overall, the camera delivers favorable image quality. The only limitation of this camera is the battery life. Though dependant on the activity that the camera performs, the battery life quickly dies if shooting videos for longer periods of time. The price point for a new camera of this model starts at around six hundred dollars, an overall fair price for its quality and practicality.

2.) Canon Eos M50 Mark II - The best digital camera to buy if solely considering price is the Canon EOS M50 Mark II. Like most Canon products, this entry-level mirrorless model has logically-arranged controls and an easy-to-follow menu system. Additionally, the camera is friendly toward novice users since it allows you to preview your exposure adjustments before taking any pictures. Overall, it is fairly easy to use and takes high-quality photos from any angle. The only downside to the product is that its small grip can be uncomfortable to hold onto for long periods of time. This camera starts for around six hundred fifty dollars, a great price point for its size and capabilities.

3.) Nikon D3500 - This camera falls within the top three models for its easy-to-use features and adjustability. This unique product has a built-in guide shooting mode. This feature provides users with step-by-step instructions on the camera's features and the basics of photography. Various sized lenses can also be added to the camera for increased photo quality and zoom capabilities. Overall, the product brings to light a greater range of details as well as contains a remarkable battery life that can last upwards of one thousand five hundred fifty shots. On the downside, the video abilities of the camera are not the greatest since it cannot record in 4k. The entire kit for this camera starts at around one thousand dollars, a fair price for the vast amount of capabilities that this camera provides.

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